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Meet Patty Brown, the SCCS Transportation Coordinator. Our goal is to provide 500 free trips for seniors and persons with a disability on the METRO Community Service Van this year. Call 649-2901 today to arrange a ride with our trained and friendly volunteer drivers. Other transportation assistance is also available to income eligible persons.

The SCCS Pantry Team provided 10,924 days of food to 2731 individuals last year. Forty-nine percent (49%) were ages 18-54. Seventeen percent (17%) were 55-years-old or older. Thirty-four percent (34%) of those served were children. Recent studies show that 40% of food-insecure children live in homes that have too much income to qualify for programs such as WIC, SNAP, or free and reduced lunch prices.

SCCS is fortunate to have a certified Veteran Services Officer, Robert Barton. Robert is in his office every Thursday from 9 am until 1 pm. Veterans in our community, half of whom are 65 or older, have travel challenges and appreciate talking to someone in their community who has the ability to help them get the services they need. His track record of serving vets well has doubled the number of clients he serves for the last three years.

SCCS works with Generous Hands, the Bubs 73 Foundation, the schools, and the Vicksburg Farmer’s Market throughout the year. In 2016 we combined forces to offer the first annual Building Strong Families Picnic. We know that helping families be strong helps everyone living in South County.

Over 3000 seniors (65+) live in the South County area. 718 of them live alone and a third live in poverty. South County geography creates isolation issues and makes transportation a challenge. Over 300 of South County seniors experience hunger or report nutrition problems. Meet Diane Durian, SCCS Outreach Coordinator; she will help change the picture.

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South County Community Services (SCCS) is the only human service agency dedicated to serving the 25,000 residents who live in the southern tier of Kalamazoo County. With a mission to work with families to improve quality of life, the agency serves as the dynamic hub connecting persons at all life stages with the resources they need to manage life's challenges and opportunities.


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